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I am a software developer with an interest in psychology for personal growth. I am also a stocks investor with the passion of studying the stock market


The growth of programming bootcamp was quite impressive. According to Course Report, these bootcamps have grown 11x from 2013 to 2019. There were also success stories on people with no backgrounds whatsoever and got into the big tech names.

Here is the question: is the bootcamp worth it?


If the answer were that simple I could have stopped writing here. I am going to tell my story as someone who has walked the walk: what I have been through, and what I think the bootcamp is and isn’t. If you are thinking of joining one, hopefully my experience helps you in making the call.

Let the Journey begin

I took an online coding programme with the aim of becoming a software developer. Specifically I am talking about the self-study, part-time programme conducted at your own pace. The curriculum looked great; schedule under my own control with no deadline; and tuition were at a fraction of a full-time bootcamp. Of all the positives, flexibility was the most attractive one:

I didn’t have to sacrifice my job for something I have never done.

I was excited to finally take the first step in coding, started off with the basic html and css. After finishing up the readings on each section…

Edwin Chan

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